Elan McMillin

Mortgage Banker

I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 1999. Many call it a Sales Industry and refer to loan officers as salespeople. I disagree. In 15 years of providing mortgages, I don’t feel that I’ve ever sold any of my clients a product. If I had to give myself a title, I’d prefer to use the term consultant. There are dozens of mortgage products available, and many clients qualify for numerous different options. When I meet with a client, I gather as much information from them as possible. I then use that information to determine the best mortgage products available to fit their needs. I present the client with all of their options, and let them choose which one works best for their current situation. I believe this philosophy sets me apart from my competition, and it’s why many of my clients have come back to me multiple times and referred their friends and family.

In 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with just about every mortgage loan scenario available. I spent my first 8 years counseling and working with borrowers with less than perfect credit and low down payments. I then transferred to a branch located just a few miles from an Airforce base, where I spent 6 years primarily working in VA and Conventional mortgages. I even used an FHA 203K Renovation loan to buy and renovate my own home…so I am very familiar with that product as well. In 2011, I partnered with a condominium project in Downtown St Louis to provide financing for over 30 condominiums, so I’m familiar with the ins and outs of condominium financing. I’ve worked with clients to achieve low to no down payment financing through USDA,  MHDC, and Grants. And I’ve helped high net worth clients with Jumbo loan financing. Finally, I’ve helped several clients buy investment properties and second homes to increase their real estate portfolio.

Being the largest mortgage bank in St Louis, USA mortgage has afforded me the opportunity to offer even more products to my clients. No two clients are the same, so I consider it my job to consult with each one, and help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives.


NMLS: 400527

Company NMLS: 227262

Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee

State Licenses

State License Number Regulated Text Disclosures
Illinois 031.0037287
Missouri 7976-MLO